• Burp and slurp

    Posted on Jul 14, 2019

    The sound and texture of food often have as much to do with the enjoyment of eating as the taste; and, often, the way with which we enjoy food is culturally determined. While we would venture to say that universally, everyone wants to get that last bit out of the milkshake container, and while slurping soup in Shanghai is encouraged, slurping your tea in Kensington is very much frowned upon.

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  • Conscious protection

    Posted on Jul 10, 2019

    The most conscious shopper can make decisions about the packaging they buy, the distance their food travels, or can choose against buying overfished stocks. But yet, we lack the power to know exactly how our food gets to us. The food chain, to this day, is only transparent where it is convenient for it to be so. So, can we look to the law to protect us from making decisions that are only based on potentially biased information provided to us as consumers?

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  • Would you eat that?

    Posted on Jun 30, 2019

    The annual IFT Conference is always a showcase of the new and innovative, and this year was no different. Around 16,000 food industry folk wandered through the doors of the convention centre in New Orleans to be impressed, intimidated, or inspired. The Expo stretched for what seemed like miles – around 1,000 exhibitors touting all sorts of wares – new flavours, ingredients, testing and monitoring equipment, packaging and more. It was obvious that the IFT was the place to see what may be on the horizon for supermarket shelves. Absent from the event was the fresh fruit and vegetables, meat or fish exhibitors (or, arguably, the clean foods). There were a couple of notable exceptions to this though – CBD providers and insect-based products. Undoubtedly though, this was an event for the food industry geeks, and it was fascinating.

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  • Food fights

    Posted on Jun 16, 2019

    The Southern Food and Beverage Museum (housed alongside the Museum of the American Cocktail) sits in Central City, New Orleans. During the day, it is as the name implies - a repository of all sorts of weird and wonderful food exhibits, by night, it becomes a fight site.

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  • Being a small player

    Posted on Jun 11, 2019

    As a small company from a small country, it is easy to be invisible among the behemoth food companies that have taken up stands at the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Expo and annual conference. This invisibility could be a metaphor for the role of the consumer in the food chain, because they also appear to be absent, which makes a lot of sense. This is an event for food technologists, by food technologists, and some of the technologies on display could frighten a few consumers

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  • Not all soil is created equal

    Posted on May 22, 2019

    Getting your hands dirty has become the euphemism for doing dirty work – something that is unpleasant, unpopular or (in the Hollywood sense) illegal. But, getting one’s hands dirty is exactly what we need to happen for quality food production. This post is not dedicated to how unpopular such activities are instead we dig deep on the issue of whether soil is important (spoiler alert: it is) and what we should be doing to protect it.

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  • Fads, fads, and more fads?

    Posted on May 13, 2019

    Often it is sitting confined and cramped on an airline, where out of sheer boredom (and a desire to forget your surroundings) you flip through the inflight magazine. Usually, these offerings are jam-packed with advertisements and photos of glamourous people doing what glamourous people do, but recently, to my joy, I came across a two-page spread on The Future of Food.

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  • More Fish in the Sea - Day 3 of a Food Innovation Event

    Posted on May 09, 2019

    For those of us who don’t drool at the sound of a porterhouse sizzling, we may have become resigned to the fact that plant based proteins were the only future option and, while I have tried (and been delighted) by many of the available options, it did seem a rather bleak food future. I was aware that fish stocks were depleting due to overfishing and pollution, and that the ability to control what other nations did on the high seas meant that there was very little hope for a global fish recovery.

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  • Dark Matter: reflections on Day 2 of a food innovation event

    Posted on May 07, 2019

    Dark matter – that stuff of sci-fi movies and doomsday cults has a place in the food system, who knew?

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  • A Food Innovation Conference: Day 1

    Posted on May 06, 2019

    It is fair to say that I was somewhat ambivalent about returning to Seeds and Chips for another year. Having attended the event last year, I had vacillated between enthusiastic awe and bouts of despondency. The event is nothing short of spectacular – past US presidents (and a couple of potential US presidential contenders) have attended, royalty speaks, bands play, and it is an ideal platform for encouraging innovation and collaboration.

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